Container ship docking at port.

The Dangers of Container Ships

Container ships are responsible for transporting the majority of the world’s goods. Thousands of container ships are on the ocean daily, and they provide work for hundreds of thousands of maritime workers. Unfortunately, however, they are also quite dangerous, and they claim the lives of thousands of people each year. Specifically, approximately 2000 people lose their lives each year on container ships, and countless others suffer serious injuries. Below is an overview of the dangers of container ships. 

Causes of Container Ship Injuries and Deaths

Before discussing the causes of container ship injuries and deaths, it is important to note that container ship injuries and deaths are likely underreported due to the prevalence of container ship accidents in non-Western countries. Statistics regarding container ship accidents in Eastern countries are often difficult to come by and inaccurate. Thus, container ship injuries are probably even more widespread than the statistics lead us to believe. However, among reported accidents, the most common causes of container ship injuries are:  

  • Collisions,
  • Equipment damage,
  • Equipment failure,
  • Groundings,
  • Fires, and
  • Explosions.

Weather conditions and acts of piracy don’t appear on this list, which means that most container ship accidents and deaths are due to issues that are within the control of ship owners. In other words, most container ship accidents are preventable. These numbers also suggest that shipping companies often cut corners at the expense of the safety of maritime employees.  

The Responsibility of Ship Owners

The ocean is a dangerous place to work. Therefore, ship owners owe a high duty of care to crew members. This means that, at a minimum, ship owners must:

  • Properly train their crew members;
  • Provide maintenance and cure to injured crew members;
  • Ensure that their vessels are seaworthy;
  • Maintain all ship equipment; and 
  • Follow all the laws, rules, and regulations of the maritime industry.  

Shipowners who fail to take these steps put their employees at risk. Injuries at sea often result in lost wages, high medical bills, mental suffering, and permanent disability. Luckily, when negligent ship owners cause accidents that result in injuries, injured container ship crew members are often entitled to financial compensation for their injuries. Therefore, anyone who has suffered injuries in a container ship accident should contact an experienced maritime attorney for assistance. 

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