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Entities in 2 states outside Louisiana in contract dispute

In or out of Louisiana, companies battling over signed agreements or breaches in contractual arrangements often find it best to resolve their differences through skilled negotiation and experienced legal guidance. A contract dispute can put a real damper on business success. This is why most business owners know enough to understand that it is never good to allows a contract problem to linger.

In another state, a company is suing a state Liquor Commission, saying it violated bidding rules. The company says the Liquor Commission offered a sweet deal to a particular business that it did not make available to other bidders. A spokesman for the company who has filed the lawsuit said that had they known of the concessions the Liquor Commission was willing to make, the company could have adjusted its bid in a favorable way.

For competitive bidding to be successful, all interested parties must be competing on a level playing field. This means all bidders must be given full disclosure to all pertinent information that may affect their bids. Reportedly, the current lawsuit seeks more than $50 million in damages.

In order to address issues regarding a current contract dispute in Louisiana, a person may contact an experienced business and commercial law attorney. Through careful review of a contract, an attorney can make certain that a client’s rights are protected and assess whether each interested party understood the contract in the same way. Many times, clarification of legal terms and explanation of obligations and responsibilities within a contract are all that is needed to point people in the right direction for a positive resolution to a contract problem.

Source:, “Liquor Commission contract dispute goes to trial“, Jeremy Blackman, May 23, 2016