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Promotion company accused of tortious interference

Entertainers and sports athletes in Louisiana and beyond are often under contract regarding performances, public appearances and/or salary, among other things. Often, a manager is negotiating on their behalves. When contract disputes arise, things can get complicated rather quickly. A recent incident involves one promotion company suing another for tortious interference in a contract signed by a former world champion fighter.

Canelo Alvarez says he remembers a contract being shown to him in court. He further stated that although he signed it, he did not understand what it said. This is due to the fact that the document was written in English.

Apparent legal problems have arisen from that signature, because it reportedly entered him into a contractual obligation with a promotion company. The issue is that he was already under contract with another company. The original contract holders say that until Alvarez’s contract expires, he has no right to sign any new promotion deals.

The initial promoters with whom Alvarez was contracted have filed legal claims for breach of contract and tortious interference against the former fighter and the newly contracted promotion company. They are seeking more than $25 million in damages. It is crucial that anyone signing a contract in Louisiana understands all language and legal terms contained therein. A good way to seek clarification is by asking an experienced business and commercial law attorney to review the contract and provide guidance. This would allow the attorney to clearly define all obligations and responsibilities to which one would be legally bound by adding a signature to a document.

Source:, “Canelo testifies in contract dispute trial“, June 7, 2016