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Radio star Glenn Beck files breach of contract claim

An apparently contentious battle has arisen outside Louisiana between radio show host Glenn Beck and the former CEO of his network. The well-known conservative talk show icon has reportedly filed a breach of contract claim against the man who is no longer associated with his company. Several issues appear to be at the center of the litigation.

The former Mercury Radio executive had reportedly worked alongside Beck for at least 10 years before the law battle began. Over a 4-year span, he supposedly was compensated in excess of $13 million. Beck claims that proper approval was never given for such a large amount.

The business tort lawsuit also asserts that the former CEO has violated a non-compete clause included in the contract he had signed while employed at Beck’s radio network. Several other former employees have allegedly been hired by the former executive to help build media properties. Their employer is accused of hiring them within the 3-year time span prohibited by the non-compete clause in the earlier contract.

In addition to these apparent contract disputes, Beck has also accused his former CEO of tricking Mercury radio by fraudulent means to sign an unnecessary lease agreement that burdened the company with a $20 million liability. The court will now get to decide whether a breach of contract has actually occurred when it reviews the lawsuit that was filed on a recent Friday. Any Louisiana business owner facing similar complications may want to address the matter with a skilled business and commercial law attorney.

Source:, “Exclusive: Glenn Beck Sues TheBlaze??Former CEO for Fraud, Breach of Contract“, Rachel Stockman, Aug. 1, 2016