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Some say contract dispute places students at risk

Parents and other members of a community outside Louisiana have expressed their concerns regarding a stalemate that seems to be delaying an agreement between local teachers and management. Questions and answers were recently addressed by both sides of the issue. The teachers’ association appears to be making it very clear that if management refuses to negotiate a fair agreement in the contract dispute, they may indeed launch a faculty strike.

Parents have shared their worries that any possible strike places their children at risk should they lose instructional time due to ongoing disputes. Management officials have responded by saying they will hire qualified substitutes to teach the children if faculty members strike, so that schools can remain open. The current disagreement has apparently been raging, unresolved, for years.

In 2012, a federal judge ruled against the teachers regarding a wage freeze that had been issued some years earlier. The following year, a mediator proposed a new deal that included more than $18,000 in proposed retroactive and pay and salary increases for faculty members. Teachers would have to pay 10 percent of their insurance fees under the new agreement. The Buffalo Teachers Federation rejected the proposed contract.

Negotiations to resolve the lingering contract dispute are reportedly scheduled to resume during the 2017 school year. It is obvious that the ongoing dispute has caused stress for many of those involved. Successful solutions to such problems often hinge upon experienced, aggressive representation from a skilled negotiator who is prepared to litigate, if needed. This type of guidance can be sought in Louisiana by contacting a business and commercial lawyer in the area.

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