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Protecting the bottom line when a breach of contract has occurred

Contracts are often integral to the daily function, productivity and profitability of Louisiana companies. There are many types of signed agreements, which can be customized to meet the needs and goals of a particular business situation. Valid contracts serve as necessary, worthwhile tools; however, if a breach of contract occurs, successful business practices may come to a screeching halt.

While it is possible that both sides entering in an agreement may fulfill the terms of a contract without any disputes arising, it is not uncommon for contract problems to occur. Nothing slows business projects down more than hitting a snag because one party to a contract has not fulfilled the obligations and responsibilities contained therein. This type of situation can cause immediate production delays and may cause business owners to lose money, fast.

Knowing where to go for help and taking swift, assertive action may help protect the bottom line and resolve a situation before too much damage is done. An experienced business and commercial law attorney understands that when a signatory fails to perform according to terms set within an agreement, or takes longer than the amount of time agreed upon to do so, the other party has the right to remedy the situation. Several options may be available, including seeking monetary recovery for financial losses caused by the breach and/or enforcing the terms of the contract.

Koch & Schmidt is prepared to assist any Louisiana business owner facing issues regarding a breach of contract. Our dedicated team of attorneys is committed to vigorously defending your interests in all aspects of contract litigation. As skilled negotiators, we are often able to help our clients avoid lengthy courtroom battles, and can help you determine how best to proceed in seeking a swift and agreeable solution to your current contract problems.