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Business disputes include trade secrets accusations

Two former employees of a company outside Louisiana are being sued by the employer for whom they used to work. Both are accused of misusing trade secrets to further a business endeavor of their own. The business disputes were listed in a complaint recently filed in a U.S. District Court.

Both former employees acted as managers at the company now suing them. One of the men recently denied the allegations against him and his colleague, saying they had followed all rules and regulations when pursuing government contracts through a separate company they had launched after leaving their previous place of employment. The company, however, says the duo obtained some its most classified proprietary information and used it to their benefit.

The company has stated that, after resigning, the two former employees kept sensitive information regarding profits, costs and technical documents in their possession. Unlawful use of a company’s trade secrets can cause grave harm to the bottom line if such information is used to boost a competitor. In this particular situation, the allegations against the two men go far beyond merely misusing information. They are also accused of tortious interference with contractual relations, breach of contract, unfair competition and defamation.

Business disputes are not all that uncommon in Louisiana. However, many situations are very complex and difficult to resolve without skilled intervention. Anyone facing challenges regarding a current disagreement may seek guidance through a business and commercial law office. By acting swiftly to retain assistance, chances of obtaining a positive outcome may increase.

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