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Contract dispute escalates to public protest

Louisiana employers often face challenges regarding employee relations and written agreements. If a contract dispute arises, it is typically best to address the situation in as amicable and swift a manner as possible. Any problem left unresolved for an extended period of time has the potential to escalate into an even worse situation.

Southwest Airlines mechanics have been battling their employers over the fact that they have been working without a contract for the past four years. They have let the public know they are tired of the situation. On a recent Friday, they aired their grievances by staging a picket line.

Many pilots, flight attendants and others have reportedly shown support for the mechanics. In addition to stating that they deserve a pay raise, a spokesperson for the mechanics also said they are concerned with other issues as well. For instance, the fact that the company keeps outsourcing mechanic work has caused many workers to doubt future job stability.

Southwest Airlines managers have supposedly offered incremental pay raises and signing bonuses to mechanics. They have also indicated their ongoing desire to achieve fair and peaceable solutions to the current contract problems. The vice president of a consulting firm reminded everyone that managers must maintain aircraft in as cost-effective a manner as possible. Whether the recent picket line will bear any significance on the outcome of the contract dispute remains to be seen. In Louisiana, there are skilled and experienced business and commercial law attorneys equipped to address such matters.

Source: CBS DFW, “Southwest Mechanics Challenge Airline Publically In Contract Dispute“, Jack Fink, Sept. 23, 2016