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Union workers strike over contract dispute

At a factory outside Louisiana, there has not been a workers’ strike in approximately 30 years. That all changed on a recent Monday, however, when union laborers voted to strike against management regarding an ongoing contract dispute. Both sides have weighed in on the topic, and many affected parties are waiting to see what happens next.

There are several issues. First, the average contract length between workers and management at this particular company is typically three to five years. The most recent contract, which expired in March 2016, covered four years. Workers say management’s lack of adequate response to their concerns has led them to strike.

Also, workers say they are literally fighting for their jobs. Their main concerns pertain to pensions, benefits and starting salaries. Management has issued a statement saying it wants to seal a new, amicable agreement with union workers, but must do so in a way that allows the company to continue offering quality employment opportunities at competitive compensation levels.

The local union president acknowledged the fact that there hasn’t been a strike over a contract dispute since the 1970s. One worker, who has been with the company for at least three decades, said he believes the quality service provided to the community has not gone unnoticed and community members will offer support on the side of the laborers. Whether that statement will become fact remains to be seen. In the meantime, those in Louisiana facing similar contract problems may find that solutions often become more quickly attainable when acting alongside experienced representation.

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