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Business disputes often require professional help

Many employers require workers to sign non-compete clauses when they are hired. If a worker later breaches an agreement, an employer may have grounds to pursue the matter in court. This is just one of many types of business disputes that may be addressed through litigation in Louisiana or any other state.

Not all business problems pertain to persons currently or formerly listed on a company’s payroll. Other outside parties may act in such ways as to cause economic injury to a particular business through means that may even be considered criminal offenses. Trademark infringement is an example of this.

False advertising, bait and switch sales tactics and otherwise false representation of goods and products are other forms of possible business-related offenses. Whether a particular matter is governed at a state or federal level depends on the specific circumstances of the situation. Often, it is helpful to seek guidance from an experienced business and commercial law attorney for clarification of laws that may pertain to a specific incident.

At Koch & Schmidt, we are committed to addressing all types of  business disputes in as economically feasible a fashion as possible to protect business interests and obtain swift and agreeable solutions. If needed, we are prepared to aggressively litigate your situation to seek resolutions that help you accomplish your immediate and long-term business goals. To begin the process, you may contact our Louisiana office so we can help you explore all available options to develop a proactive business plan that best aligns with your current needs.