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Business litigation has stalled major construction project

In Louisiana or any other state, when a dispute arises between existing business owners and those planning major construction projects in the area, scheduled work can suffer significant delays. Business litigation in another state has been raging for two years. People are starting to complain, as the construction project in question had already begun when the dispute arose; thus, since production was halted while solutions are pending, the site itself has become a huge eyesore in the community.

The scheduled project was set to involve demolition of a massive concrete building. In its place, two new apartment buildings were to be built. However, as wrecking of the existing building got underway, the owner of a nearby parking garage raised concerns that the project would cause him to lose an entrance to his facility.

The parking garage owner filed a lawsuit. In the meantime, the area where demolition had already begun has reportedly become a visual mess — essentially, a huge open pit filled with construction debris and trash. Not all interested parties were satisfied with the court’s initial decision in the case.

An appeal regarding this business litigation decision has been filed in court. Those involved are awaiting results. This is not the first time a business owner has gone to battle with a company planning construction in the vicinity of an existing business, and likely will not be the last. If a Louisiana business owner is worried about a similar issue, it may help to discuss the situation with a business and commercial law attorney before taking any sort of formal action to resolve the problem.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Parking garage dispute holds up work on Mechanic theater site“, Natalie Sherman, Dec. 6, 2016