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Offer and acceptance tentative, but union president is pleased

In Louisiana and other jurisdictions, contract negotiations can be intense, especially if the parties disagree on certain terms. A recent pact between the Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Transit Workers Union is said to have included some very contentious debates before a tentative offer and acceptance was finally reached. In fact, union representatives reportedly threatened to walk out of the meeting several times because they were not happy with the way things were going.

How to obtain swift solutions to contract dispute problems

Most business owners and workers in Louisiana are familiar with contracts. Such agreements are typically integral components to business-related matters in a variety of capacities. From agreements between employers and employees to those forged between one or more subcontracted parties, contracts are legally binding when validly executed. Contract dispute problems are not uncommon, however, and if such issues remain unresolved for too long, business success may be compromised.


In Ward v. Ehw Constructors, (USDC WDWA, December 22, 2016) the issues before the court were seaman status and punitive damages for failure to pay maintenance and cure. In May 2012, the U.S. Department of Defense awarded Defendants a contract to build an explosives-handling wharf. The project utilized several floating structures, including the Ringer II, which was an un-crewed floating platform comprised of interlocking flexi-floats. Each group of flexi-floats was held in place with anchors or "spuds" then maneuvered at the worksite either by tug or deck wenches. Support skiffs were also used to transport materials and laborers.

Contract dispute raging between Hearst Television and DirecTV

Many Louisiana residents enjoy tuning into their favorite television shows throughout the day. It's understandable that those who subscribe to DirecTV may become frustrated when they turn on their televisions and learn the signal to certain stations is being blocked. This is a current situation that has been caused by a contract dispute between DirecTV and Hearst Television.

Overcoming a contract dispute to avoid economic loss

Contracts are integral to business relationships in Louisiana and throughout the nation. There are many types of contracts because such documents are highly customizable to and can be written to align with particular business needs and goals. When a contract dispute arises, however, production, profitability and overall bottom line interests may be directly threatened if a swift and agreeable solution is not found.

Resolving unfair competition problems in Louisiana

There are laws in Louisiana and all other states that protect business owners and consumers from unfair practices. That said, unfair competition problems are not uncommon and, if left unresolved, often lead to personal financial loss and/or overall decline in profitability. Many people are unsure regarding their rights and wonder where to turn for support to seek justice in such matters.

Unresolved contract dispute may squelch office holiday fun

Many workplaces in Louisiana and across the country come alive with festive banter and fun during the holiday season. Workers bring treats to share and some bosses even go light on the workload or tuck a little extra bonus in a paycheck. All fun and games may come to a screeching halt, however, if there an unresolved contract dispute is at hand.

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