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Contract dispute raging between Hearst Television and DirecTV

Many Louisiana residents enjoy tuning into their favorite television shows throughout the day. It’s understandable that those who subscribe to DirecTV may become frustrated when they turn on their televisions and learn the signal to certain stations is being blocked. This is a current situation that has been caused by a contract dispute between DirecTV and Hearst Television.

Hearst has apparently pulled its stations from DirecTV throughout the nation. The company says DirecTV has requested below market prices for the right to carry its stations. Hearst also says it has invested substantial amounts of money to provide high quality television to its viewers; therefore, it asserts that DirecTV’s request is unreasonable.

DirecTV has a very different opinion, however. The company says many of the stations Hearst owns are already viewed online and through various other means for free. For this reason, DirecTV believes it unfair for Hearst to request increased fees.

An unfortunate consequence of a contract dispute such as this one is that customers often bear the brunt of the issue through inconvenience. Most Louisiana customers expect to pay for their subscriptions and have access to the various stations included in their viewing packages. Savvy business owners understand this and know the importance of resolving contract issues as swiftly as possible. This is not always possible without skilled intervention. A business and commercial law attorney is often a valuable asset in such situations by acting as a negotiator, or by aggressively litigating a particular issue if necessary to obtain an agreeable solution.