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Offer and acceptance tentative, but union president is pleased

In Louisiana and other jurisdictions, contract negotiations can be intense, especially if the parties disagree on certain terms. A recent pact between the Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Transit Workers Union is said to have included some very contentious debates before a tentative offer and acceptance was finally reached. In fact, union representatives reportedly threatened to walk out of the meeting several times because they were not happy with the way things were going.

The tentative contract was agreed upon, but not before a deadline that had been set. A union president attending the negotiations says he is very pleased with the outcome. He believes union negotiators secured substantial economic gains and several other improvements in their contract.

This particular union represents approximately 38,000 transit workers. The prior contract expired at 12 a.m. on a recent Monday. The agreement was reached later that day. Negotiations had actually begun in November, marked by a massive workers’ rally outside MTA headquarters.

At the heart of negotiations on the union’s side were key factors that included safety reforms, pay increases and improvements to restroom and locker areas so as to better accommodate female employees. As debates raged on and issues remained unresolved, some projected that union workers would wind up going on strike. The tentative offer and acceptance came as a relief to many. Often, companies or workers will hire business and commercial law attorneys to negotiate on their behalves. Anyone in Louisiana facing such problems may request a meeting with a business lawyer in the area for guidance.

Source:, “MTA, TWU workers reach contract agreement, union president says“, Vincent Barone, Jan. 16, 2017