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Resolving unfair competition problems in Louisiana

There are laws in Louisiana and all other states that protect business owners and consumers from unfair practices. That said, unfair competition problems are not uncommon and, if left unresolved, often lead to personal financial loss and/or overall decline in profitability. Many people are unsure regarding their rights and wonder where to turn for support to seek justice in such matters.

Various types of incidents may be considered unfair competition. Generally speaking, any type of trademark infringement, misuse of trade secrets or defamatory statements regarding quality of business or products may be grounds for litigation. When economic injury is incurred due to unfair business practices, an injured party or parties may seek recovery for all losses in court.

Sometimes, those involved may resolve such matters without stepping foot in a courtroom. This is often made possible by acting alongside the guidance of an experienced business and commercial law attorney. However, a skilled attorney is always prepared to aggressively litigate on behalf of a client, if necessary, to obtain a fair and just solution to a business-related problem.

Koch & Schmidt, in Louisiana, is committed to helping you protect your business reputation and obtain just compensation for economic injury you have suffered due to unfair competition practices. By calling our office to request a consultation, we can help you take the first steps toward positive resolution of your current business problems. In certain circumstances, we are able to provide our services on a contingent basis. You may inquire as to whether this option is available in your particular situation.