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Unresolved contract dispute may squelch office holiday fun

Many workplaces in Louisiana and across the country come alive with festive banter and fun during the holiday season. Workers bring treats to share and some bosses even go light on the workload or tuck a little extra bonus in a paycheck. All fun and games may come to a screeching halt, however, if there an unresolved contract dispute is at hand.

No one wants to celebrate when workers and managers are at odds over wages, benefits or other related matters. Although it’s not all that uncommon for such issues to arise, stalled negotiations can mean serious production delays and low morale among workers. There are typically two or more sides to contract-related issues, and cooperation and compromise are often necessary to achieve fair and amicable solutions.

Often, workers will make certain requests and employers will offer counter proposals. This particular process is logical enough, but when neither side is willing to appease the other, it can make for a long, dreary holiday season for sure. A concerned party may reach out for support by contacting an experienced business and commercial law attorney.

Koch & Schmidt, in Louisiana, can represent any client throughout the state who is unable to resolve contract dispute without professional assistance. Skilled negotiation is a valuable tool that can help iron out differences and forge paths to agreeable solutions. Sometimes, litigation is necessary, and we are prepared to aggressively represent you if it is determined that the problems you now face would be best addressed in court.