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Another NASCAR contract dispute

An earlier post on this blog discussed NASCAR superstar Danica Patrick’s recent disagreement with racing company management. Since then, another contract dispute has surfaced involving Kurt Busch, an American stock car driver many Louisiana race fans like to follow. Sports Management Network is suing him for more than $1 million, saying he has failed to pay required fees upon termination of his contract.

The agreement between Busch and SMN was initially signed in 2005. An extension was agreed upon approximately five years later. Various terms were reportedly included that stipulated Busch’s financial obligations according to his representation agreement with SMN.

In March 2016, Busch ended his deal with SMN. However, the management network claims he was still obligated to make payments through 2018, and he has failed to make any since terminating his relationship with the company. Not only is SMN seeking the outstanding amount due from 2016, but it is also seeking all scheduled payments throughout 2018 as originally agreed.

An attorney representing Busch said the lawsuit is without merit. He also stated that he plans to aggressively defend Kurt Busch against it. Many times, obtaining a fair and reasonable solution to a particular contract dispute comes down to clarification of the exact terms within the contract. This is where the skills and experience of a Louisiana business and commercial law attorney can be of great help; he or she can define legal terminology and all obligations and responsibilities within a signed agreement so as to determine whether all agreed upon terms have been fulfilled by pertinent parties. An attorney is also prepared to litigate any issue as needed.

Source:, “Kurt Busch sued over contract dispute“, Kelly Crandall Share Send Print Dec, Feb. 17, 2017