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Governor in another state to appeal contract dispute ruling

When government entities oppose one another, things can get pretty messy. Louisiana business owners may relate to a current contract dispute raging in another state. Basically, two parties signed an agreement, which the governor of the state approved; however, a circuit judge has ruled that the contract was not legal.

To avoid these types of problems, many business people elect to have their prospective contracts reviewed by experienced business and commercial law attorneys. One of the things an attorney can do is alert a client to any issue that may render a contract invalid. Steps can then be taken to rectify such problems before a contract is signed to ensure its validity and legal enforceability.

Perhaps this was not done in Florida, where Governor Rick Scott has been accused by the House Speaker of approving an illegal contract between Florida Lottery and IGT Global Solutions. It’s a $700 million dollar agreement that includes tripling the amount of instant ticket machines throughout the state. The governor has been very vocal in his support of the deal, saying the lottery program provides substantial funding to Florida’s public school system.

The House Speaker filed a lawsuit, and the circuit judge who heard the case agreed that Florida Lottery did not have authority to sign off on the contract in the first place; thus, it is void and unenforceable. Governor Scott said he adamantly disagrees with the decision and is planning an appeal. He also said the judge’s ruling has placed billions of dollars in jeopardy that could be used to help school students throughout the state. Louisiana business and commercial law attorneys can help anyone facing similar contract dispute issues by offering counsel and aggressively litigating any issue as needed.

Source:, “Judge sides with House speaker in lawsuit in Florida Lottery contract dispute with Scott administration“, March 8, 2017