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NFL Rams score new defensive coordinator after contract dispute

Many Louisiana residents were among other NFL football fans who recently enjoyed the 2017 Super Bowl. Although the Rams were not one of the two contenders this time around, their fans are undoubtedly already looking forward to next season when they and all other teams will have another shot at the championship title. In the meantime, the off-season is often filled with various other types of issues, such as draft choices or complications that surface when a contract dispute arises.

Such is the case for the new Rams defensive coordinator. He was hired not that long ago to prepare under the team’s new head coach for next season. Many said he was the team’s first choice as soon as news hit that he was preparing to leave his former position with the Broncos. Under his guidance, the Broncos had enjoyed several successful seasons on their defensive line, including a Super Bowl win.

The 69-year-old is rumored to have left the team due to a contract dispute. He apparently had requested a pay raise and contract extension. Rumor has it that general manager (and former NFL superstar) John Elway refused to grant the full request. As it turned out, an agreement was made to grant the raise but not the extension.

When the 2016 season ended, and the contract expired, the Broncos hired a replacement and the Rams picked up a new defensive line coach. No particulars regarding his new contract were provided. This is certainly not the first (nor likely the last) contract dispute to surface in the NFL. Any time such problems occur (whether in Louisiana or elsewhere), it behooves those involved to seek immediate guidance from business and commercial law attorneys to increase their chances of obtaining fair and swift solutions to the issues at hand.

Source:, “Contract dispute led to Wade Phillips leaving Broncos“, Bob Garcia IV, Feb. 13, 2017