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Resolving a contract dispute before it hurts the bottom line

In the Louisiana business world, it’s not uncommon for workers and management to disagree from time to time. Whether issues pertain to wages, work hours and overtime, or health care benefits, a contract dispute can place a company’s bottom line at risk. Productivity and profitability are easily adversely affected when contract disagreements remain unresolved for too long.

In the past, there have been highly contentious situations where large numbers of workers have walked off the job as a means of making their voices heard regarding unmet contract requests. Many times, workers are unionized and are represented as a whole by certain chosen representatives. Those involved in contract disputes can also hire experienced business attorneys to help negotiate fair and agreeable outcomes.

It’s important to consider what may be in the best interests of all involved in such situations. Contract disputes often affect more than those directly related to a particular agreement; in fact, sometimes, entire communities may be adversely affected, such as when teachers’ unions fight for higher wages against school administrators. If teachers go on strike, officials must scramble to find replacements so students are not left without instructors in their classrooms.

No matter what type of business is involved or what the issues of a contract dispute might be, Koch & Schmidt is equipped to address all aspects of business disagreements in court. Our Louisiana team of attorneys understands the importance of protecting your bottom line. We can help you choose a strategy that maximizes your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome, including aggressive litigation if needed.