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Baseball fans in another state may suffer from contract dispute

Louisiana fans are surely happy that the 2017 Major League Baseball season is in full swing. However, fans in another state are concerned they are going to lose televised access to their favorite teams. The reason behind the potential TV cut-off is a raging contract dispute between Charter Communications and the Fox News network.

Charter Communications acquired Time Warner Cable last year. The deal was finalized in May 2016. At that time, Charter Communications started to pay affiliate fees to carriage contracts from Time Warner Cable, which apparently made many people quite unhappy.

Several networks, including Fox News, have since filed numerous lawsuits opposing the current situation. As the adverse effects of the dispute ripple into the community, those who watch Fox Sports Ohio in order to catch the Cincinnati Reds on TV are in danger of losing access to the affiliate station. Fox has accused Charter Spectrum of ignoring its agreement to carry Fox networks.

Fox also stated that it’s not only Reds fans who may lose access to their favorite games. NBA and NHL leagues games will also not be shown, as well as several very popular television dramas. Both sides are blaming each other for delays in resolving the contract dispute. Hopefully, an amicable solution will be achieved before the baseball season advances much further into the season. Contract problems like this one often arise in Louisiana; when those involved seek help from experienced business attorneys, they are often able to achieve swift and positive solutions without suffering too much bottom line damage.

Source:, “Contract dispute might mean no Fox Sports Ohio, and in turn Reds, for Spectrum subcribers“, John Fay, April 12, 2017