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Louisiana business people may relate to Monsanto contract dispute

Anyone in New Orleans Parish or other Louisiana locales who has ever become entangled in a contentious business disagreement with one or more parties may relate to a recent battle fought (and lost) by biotechnology mogul, Monsanto. The company’s recent contract dispute involved another major seed producer and did not resolve itself quite the way Monsanto had hoped. It all began when Monsanto canceled a contract with the other seed company and joined forces with another entity.

Monsanto and its new partner launched a lawsuit against the seed producers, claiming infringement of copyright and unlicensed use of Monsanto technology. The court, however, did not see eye-to-eye with the plaintiffs. In fact, the judge said Monsanto had no right to cancel the initial contract with the seed company.

Monsanto was ordered to restore its agreement and cut royalty charges against the seed company. The court stated that all obligations and responsibilities contained in the earlier agreement remain bound. Achieving successful outcomes in court regarding these types of business issues often hinges upon experienced and aggressive litigation assistance.

Anyone in Louisiana in need of guidance and support regarding a particular contract dispute may request a personal consultation with a business and commercial law attorney. An experienced attorney can clarify all terms within an agreement and protect a client’s bottom-line interests during court proceedings. A contract disagreement can significantly impact one’s overall business success; therefore, it is often best to arm oneself with the best business help available to achieve a favorable outcome.

Source:, “Monsanto Contract Dispute with India Seed Producer Ends In a Loss“, Amanda Schiavo, March 28, 2017