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Protecting the bottom line against unfair competition

Sometimes employees resign from their positions and go to work for other Louisiana companies. Many such situations occur on good terms, and employers provide positive reference to prospective new employers. Other circumstances may not be so favorable, especially if a former worker is suspected of unfair competition.

Depending on an individual worker’s position within your company, he or she may have had access to important financial or client information on a regular basis. Such information is obviously highly confidential and not typically made available to employees when they quit their jobs. If someone gains access to private company files and uses them files (or shares them) in such a way so as to give another company a business advantage, it’s an illegal act punishable by law.

Any dishonest or fraudulent behavior in trade or commerce falls under the unfair competition category. Misappropriation of trade secrets is one of the most frequently reported offenses. Such unethical conduct is typically frowned upon in the business world.

If your business has suffered economic loss due to trademark infringement, deceptive advertising or other unfair competition incidents, you can proactively address the issue through aggressive litigation. Koch & Schmidt are experienced business and commercial law attorneys in Louisiana who are committed to protecting your rights and bottom line interests in all business-related disputes. In certain situations, we provide services on a contingent basis. By calling our New Orleans office or sending us an email, you can take your first steps toward successful dispute resolution.