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Contract dispute may have caused a no-fly zone

Those in Louisiana who frequently travel by air understand the frustration an unexpected flight cancellation causes. An ongoing contract dispute between Spirit pilots and their airline has led to a situation that resulted in flared tempers and police action at an airport in another state. The airline threatened to take legal action against the pilots; however, their union representatives say they’ve done nothing wrong, and the pilots will be aggressively defended should the airline make good on its threat.

Much remains unknown regarding why pilots were so unavailable on a recent Monday that it caused 81 flights to be cancelled. In fact, more than 300 Spirit flights were nixed in one week, adversely affecting approximately 20,000 airline customers. The airline says the pilots are angry over a wage disagreement, and they have been refusing free time flights on purpose to put pressure on the company.

Pilots deny the allegations, even though there are rumors saying some pilots who have accepted free time flights have been under duress from those who refused the same. The union says any legal action taken against the pilots would be unwarranted. Union reps also mentioned they encourage all Spirit pilots to take free time flights whenever they wish.

When the Monday flights were canceled, some passengers were so outraged that they had not been properly forewarned, a contentious altercation broke out at the ticket desk. Police arrived on site and made several arrests. Although it’s probably rare for a contract dispute to result in affected parties being led away in handcuffs, such problems often cause business delays and impede production and profitability if left unresolved. The easiest way to rectify such matters in Louisiana typically includes seeking experienced representation from a business and commercial law attorney.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Spirit Airlines Cancels Flights, Blames Pilots In Contract Dispute“, May 9, 2017