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Intellectual property focus of recent business disputes

The disagreement unfolded about half a year ago when Apple told Nokia it would no longer pay for use of Nokia’s patents. This created an immediate problem since many of Apple’s products are built with parts based upon Nokia patents. Apple then took a step further and accused Nokia of extortion.

Nokia aggressively began to fight to defend its intellectual property. The company filed more than 10 lawsuits in the United States and abroad. Nokia asserted that Apple should pay for the Nokia technology used in its iPhones, electronic tablets and other products.

The business disputes finally came to an end on a recent Tuesday when the two companies signed a brand new agreement that includes plans for Apple to pay royalties to Nokia beginning at a certain time in 2017. Apple also agreed to begin stocking some of Nokia’s digital products, and Nokia said it would provide mobile network products to Apple. Achieving effective solutions to these types of business-related problems in Louisiana is often easier if an experienced attorney is retained to act on behalf of a business owner in court. Most business and commercial law attorneys are also skilled negotiators who understand how to protect the rights of their clients without compromising bottom line interests in the process.

Source: The New York Times, “Apple Settles Legal Dispute With Nokia“, Mark Scott, May 23, 2017