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Tree issues branch out into contract dispute

Many Louisiana couples share retirement dreams that include building log cabins in the woods or by a lake. For some, taking the dream from idea to reality poses little complication, while others face several obstacles and challenges along the way. A couple in another state’s plans were brought to a screeching halt when a contract dispute arose between themselves and a tree removal company they’d hired to clear an area where they’d hoped to build their dream house.

The couple says they signed a deal with a local tree removal business that included paying an upfront deposit of half the agreed-upon price. A date of completion for the work was also included in the contract, as is common in most service agreements. A problem occurred, however, when the completion date passed and the work was still undone. Although some trees had reportedly been felled directly on top of other trees and bushes in the area, none of the cut timber had been stacked for firewood as the contract stipulated.

The hopeful retirees say they contacted the owner of the company with whom they’d been doing business, and they grew worried when they were unable to reach him. Some three weeks later, they again contacted the company to demand a refund. The contractor responded by saying the couple owed more money for work that had been completed thus far.

It appears it will take some time to resolve the raging contract dispute. Those in Louisiana considering hiring tree removal services will want to make sure prospective companies are appropriately insured, as well as clarify who will pay for any damages that occur. A business and commercial law attorney can address any contract dispute issues that arise.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Connecticut Couple Stumped in Tree Removal Contract Dispute“, Shyang Puri, April 27, 2017