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Semiconductor company, Qualcomm, facing several litigation issues

The average Louisiana resident would consider $940 million a lot of money. In the business world of advanced technology, it’s another story. In fact, Qualcomm, a multinational company that designs and markets wireless products and services, was recently ordered to pay that amount to Canadian-based company BlackBerry following litigation between the two technology superpowers.

The ruling exceeds an initial amount awarded through arbitration a few months ago by $100 million. The original contract dispute between the two companies was focused on royalty payments. This is not the only legal problem Qualcomm is currently facing.

In fact, since the start of 2017, both the Federal Trade Commission and Apple have filed lawsuits against Qualcomm regarding licensing activities. Qualcomm was apparently not willing to take such aggression lying down. The company launched its own counterattack against Apple, claiming tortious interference. It seems multiple legal issues have arisen after BlackBerry announced it would not longer design phones for the consumer market. The problem is other companies sell products to consumers that contain BlackBerry-designed components.

Such matters are often complicated and difficult to resolve. When hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake, litigation tends to be quite aggressive. Results often depend on the type of legal representation presented in court. Louisiana business owners facing similar challenges, even those on a much smaller scale, do well to act alongside highly experienced assistance to resolve their contract problems. Especially where copyrights, patents and other intellectual property issues are concerned, allowing an attorney to act on one’s behalf is typically the best choice.

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