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Kanye West accuses Tidal music service of breach of contract

Tidal was started by West, rapper Jay-Z and others, and offers services to subscribers that were heretofore nonexistent in the music streaming business. Those visiting their Tidal accounts online can access high definition music videos, live concert streams and other entertainment perks. West’s latest album was highly successful on Tidal, which appears to be partially related to his current contract problems.

West has accused Tidal of failing to pay him over $3 million, much of which was due him as a bonus because of his album’s success. An attorney acting on West’s behalf sent Tidal a letter, announcing West’s exit from the company. It’s also been intimated that West intends to file a lawsuit against Tidal. That’s not the only legal rumor circulating these days, however; some say Tidal is also considering filing a claim against West.

When a breach of contract occurs, there are often several ways to approach the situation. Much depends on the exact issues at hand and what the party attempting to resolve the situation hopes to accomplish. If someone in this state has suffered economic loss due to a particular situation, he or she may wish to take the matter to court. If that’s the case, it may help to act alongside a Louisiana attorney who has business and commercial litigation experience.

Source: Newsday, “Kanye West leaves Tidal over contract dispute, TMZ reports“, Frank Lovece, July 2, 2017