Staying Safe on the Water in Louisiana

The warm summer and fall months are a great time to enjoy Louisiana’s various waterways. Whether boating, swimming, kayaking, or just relaxing on the beach, Louisiana’s rivers, lakes, and beaches have much to offer. However, when you’re in or near a body of water, you should always keep safety in mind. Below are some tips […]

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Cruise ship

Cruise Ship Liability for Falls Overboard

Cruises are a popular vacation choice for people all over the U.S. They offer passengers great food and drinks, excellent entertainment, wonderful accommodations, and a chance to travel the world. However, cruises are not without their dangers. Every year, passengers are injured or killed following falls from cruise ships. Below is an overview of when […]

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Container ship docking at port.

The Dangers of Container Ships

Container ships are responsible for transporting the majority of the world’s goods. Thousands of container ships are on the ocean daily, and they provide work for hundreds of thousands of maritime workers. Unfortunately, however, they are also quite dangerous, and they claim the lives of thousands of people each year. Specifically, approximately 2000 people lose […]

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Container ship in the ocean.

An Overview of Maritime Law

Maritime law is a body of law that governs most legal issues involving navigable bodies of water. In addition to traditional notions of maritime law such as cabotage, insurance, and cargo claims, maritime law also applies to accidents bearing a significant relationship to a traditional maritime activity involving ships, vessels, and even aircraft. The Gulf […]

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Maritime worker on his ship.

What Is the Limitation of Liability Act?

Following certain types of maritime accidents, vessel owners sometimes rely on a law called the Limitation of Liability Act to limit the amount they must pay to injured crewmen, guests, and passengers. If you’ve been injured in a maritime accident, you should familiarize yourself with the information below to determine whether it could impact your […]

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Sinking yacht, maritime accident

Punitive Damages in Maritime Accident Cases

When a maritime worker is injured on the job, he or she may be entitled to damages. Damages financially compensate injured workers for the expenses associated with their injuries. Damages typically compensate victims for expenses like medical costs, future earnings, and lost earnings. Depending on the facts of the case, an injured maritime worker may […]

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Close-up of a mooring line to anchor yacht

Common Maritime Equipment Injuries

Maritime workers are often surrounded by heavy equipment while on the job. This equipment, although necessary, can lead to serious injuries and even death. Unfortunately, many of these injuries are due to negligence on the part of employers and equipment manufacturers. Below is an overview of some of the most common maritime equipment injuries. If […]

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Maritime worker helping load a ship.

Tips for Avoiding Maritime Injuries

Maritime jobs are among the most dangerous in the country. Injuries among maritime workers are common, and the industry has a fatality rate that is nearly five times higher than the rate for all U.S. workers. Maritime workers must avoid a variety of hazards every day, including slip and falls, collisions, stress-related illnesses, and respiratory […]

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