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Contract dispute raises concerns among former TWA pilots

When a Louisiana company acquires the assets of another, interested parties typically enter written agreements that define the responsibilities and obligations of all parties involved in the transition. For instance, back in 2001, American Airlines took over Trans World Airlines (TWA), and included in the employee contracts were certain protections that secured captain positions for a number of former TWA pilots. A serious contract dispute has flared after an arbitrator recently ruled that those protections have expired.

In short, the jobs the former TWA pilots thought they would have within the new company structure are now slated to be handed over to American Airlines pilots. Thus, it has become a contentious employee versus employee situation. American Airlines says it does not wish to take sides in the issue but is willing to carefully review the recent arbitration rulings.

Kanye West accuses Tidal music service of breach of contract

When Louisiana business people enter written agreements with other parties, they expect everyone involved to adhere to the terms, obligations and responsibilities contained therein. Business relationships often suffer if a breach of contract occurs. Rap music artist Kanye West is currently facing such challenges regarding his affiliation with Tidal music streaming company.

Tidal was started by West, rapper Jay-Z and others, and offers services to subscribers that were heretofore nonexistent in the music streaming business. Those visiting their Tidal accounts online can access high definition music videos, live concert streams and other entertainment perks. West's latest album was highly successful on Tidal, which appears to be partially related to his current contract problems.

Protect B2B partnerships from business litigation

How many customer leads a particular Louisiana business acquires is important; however, even more crucial in terms of profitability is how many prospective buyer visits result in sales. Businesses hire people to analyze such issues and make suggestions as to how to increase the bottom line. Another means for improving and expanding business is forging partnerships with other businesses; it's important to choose carefully to avoid problems that may lead to business litigation.

Business-to-business partnerships, otherwise known as B2Bs, can help struggling businesses survive, as well as grow numbers in all areas from employees to prospective clients to sales and profit margins. The key to successful partnerships lies in choosing alliances wisely. Savvy business owners know to review a possible partner's current standing on the market, as well as the potential for future earnings.

UFC star sued in civil court over contract dispute

Many UFC fans in Louisiana are familiar with Nate Diaz, a Mexican-American champion fighter. What some might not know, however, is that Diaz is currently being sued by the Ballengee Group sports agency. The contract dispute has grown rather contentious, and plaintiffs are asking for more than $1 million in damages.

The central issue in the ongoing contract battle is that the Ballengee Group claims Diaz failed to pay for their services regarding several of his major fights. To be precise, the agency says the 32-year-old martial arts star did not pay for services rendered in four separate events. Two of those events were fights against Diaz's well known adversary, Conor McGregor.

Semiconductor company, Qualcomm, facing several litigation issues

The average Louisiana resident would consider $940 million a lot of money. In the business world of advanced technology, it's another story. In fact, Qualcomm, a multinational company that designs and markets wireless products and services, was recently ordered to pay that amount to Canadian-based company BlackBerry following litigation between the two technology superpowers.

The ruling exceeds an initial amount awarded through arbitration a few months ago by $100 million. The original contract dispute between the two companies was focused on royalty payments. This is not the only legal problem Qualcomm is currently facing.

You do not have to accept a breach of contract without a fight

When you enter a written contract with another party or parties in Louisiana, everyone who signs the bottom line is obligated to adhere to the terms and responsibilities contained therein. If you (or another party) winds up changing opinions regarding some aspect of the agreement, there are particular steps to take to rectify the situation. No one can commit a breach of contract and walk away as though it doesn't exist.

Whether you have a signed agreement with a contractor doing work on your house or you're an employee or employer who is facing a work-related contract dispute, you have every right to protect your interests and see to it that the agreement is enforced. When a commercial agreement problem is left unresolved, it can affect many areas of business, including the bottom line. Knowing where to turn for help is often half the battle, won.

Intellectual property focus of recent business disputes

Patents are integral components of many Louisiana business arrangements. Along with advanced technology and a boom in the internet marketplace often comes business disputes regarding these and other forms of intellectual property. Apple, the maker of the iPhone, recently settled a contentious dispute with international telecommunications company, Nokia.

The disagreement unfolded about half a year ago when Apple told Nokia it would no longer pay for use of Nokia's patents. This created an immediate problem since many of Apple's products are built with parts based upon Nokia patents. Apple then took a step further and accused Nokia of extortion.

Netflix and Realtivity still at odds re breach of contract

Movie streaming mogul, Netflix, and West Coast media company, Relativity, have been involved in litigation regarding a written agreement between the two. The latter has accused the former of a breach of contract. Netflix has come out fighting, however, and quite successfully at that, seeing as a judge sided in its favor by tossing two claims filed by Relativity out of court. Louisiana movie-streaming customers may want to stay updated on the situation.

In Oct. 2016, Relativity launched a lawsuit against Netflix for more than $1 billion. The central focus of the claim included two films. Relativity says Netflix agreed to pay between $3.7 million and $20 million as licensing fees to stream the films. The exact amount was contingent upon the box office success of the films.

How to determine whether business litigation is best option

Most Louisiana business owners have a strong desire to save time and money. After all, such practices are typically crucial components in any successful business plan. No matter how small or large a particular business might be, producing as much as possible in as little time for as low a cost is usually a top priority. When problems arise or disputes surface, it can be challenging trying to determine whether business litigation is the most viable option for seeking swift and agreeable solutions.

It's not secret that going to court costs money. Court proceedings also necessitate someone being present to represent the party or parties involved. Insofar as business disputes are concerned, this might mean that one or more people have to take time off work in order to act on their own or a company's behalf in court. Depending on their particular duties and positions within a company, this could cause significant delays or impede production and profitability.

Contract dispute may have caused a no-fly zone

Those in Louisiana who frequently travel by air understand the frustration an unexpected flight cancellation causes. An ongoing contract dispute between Spirit pilots and their airline has led to a situation that resulted in flared tempers and police action at an airport in another state. The airline threatened to take legal action against the pilots; however, their union representatives say they've done nothing wrong, and the pilots will be aggressively defended should the airline make good on its threat.

Much remains unknown regarding why pilots were so unavailable on a recent Monday that it caused 81 flights to be cancelled. In fact, more than 300 Spirit flights were nixed in one week, adversely affecting approximately 20,000 airline customers. The airline says the pilots are angry over a wage disagreement, and they have been refusing free time flights on purpose to put pressure on the company.

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