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As attorneys, we recognize the seriousness of the duty to provide competent and zealous representation to our clients. When disagreements with your lawyer over the representation strategy or a negative outcome in your case leave you at a disadvantage, you need a law firm dedicated to minimizing the impacts of negligent representation.

Koch & Schmidt can help make things right. We have established a reputation for success in high-stakes legal claims, and few cases are higher stakes than those that go to the heart of the attorney-client relationship. If you believe you have suffered the consequences of legal malpractice, our firm is ready to help you develop a proper and comprehensive response plan.

Our partners have 60 years of combined litigation experience in Louisiana. We regularly represent clients in litigation, and partner R. Joshua Koch, Jr., is also a member of the faculty of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

We can assert your legal rights in the face of attorney misconduct involving:

  • Mishandling of client funds, including commingling
  • Failure to adhere to court deadlines or filing past the applicable statute of limitations
  • Breach of attorney-client privilege
  • Reliance on incorrect or outdated law

Discuss Your Options With Our Attorneys

To learn how you can respond to negligent legal representation, we encourage you to speak with our attorneys in a confidential consultation. Call our New Orleans offices at 504-208-9040 or complete our online contact form to arrange yours.

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