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Are You Contending With Property Tax Issues?

The Louisiana Tax Commission strives to administer a fair system of ad valorem taxation throughout the state. However, this means neither that navigating its bureaucracy is always straightforward, nor that the Commission is free from faulty assessments that can result in serious financial hardship for Louisiana’s property owners.

At Koch & Schmidt, streamlining legal processes for our clients and protecting their bottom line are at the core of our practice. During six combined decades, we have learned how to efficiently navigate the Tax Commission’s bureaucracy and ensure that as taxpayers, our clients are not subject to undue tax burdens.

When experienced legal representation can help reduce your tax liability by a significant margin, hiring a lawyer is more than a necessary evil; it is a smart investment in your financial well-being.

Our legal counsel in the area of property tax law includes:

  • Inspection and review of property tax assessments
  • Appeals to the Louisiana Tax Commission
  • Filing for homestead exemptions
  • Applying for Special Assessments based on age
  • Issues related to personal property and business personal property

We can identify and quickly begin pursuing your legal goals whether you want to ensure your tax assessment is accurate or need to protest your assessment to the commission in formal proceedings. With a combination of experience in administrative settings, negotiation hearings and trial advocacy, we are prepared to represent you and your financial interests regardless of what the legal system throws your way.

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