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Protect B2B partnerships from business litigation

How many customer leads a particular Louisiana business acquires is important; however, even more crucial in terms of profitability is how many prospective buyer visits result in sales. Businesses hire people to analyze such issues and make suggestions as to how to increase the bottom line. Another means for improving and expanding business is forging partnerships with other businesses; it's important to choose carefully to avoid problems that may lead to business litigation.

Intellectual property focus of recent business disputes

Patents are integral components of many Louisiana business arrangements. Along with advanced technology and a boom in the internet marketplace often comes business disputes regarding these and other forms of intellectual property. Apple, the maker of the iPhone, recently settled a contentious dispute with international telecommunications company, Nokia.

How to determine whether business litigation is best option

Most Louisiana business owners have a strong desire to save time and money. After all, such practices are typically crucial components in any successful business plan. No matter how small or large a particular business might be, producing as much as possible in as little time for as low a cost is usually a top priority. When problems arise or disputes surface, it can be challenging trying to determine whether business litigation is the most viable option for seeking swift and agreeable solutions.

Protecting the bottom line against unfair competition

Sometimes employees resign from their positions and go to work for other Louisiana companies. Many such situations occur on good terms, and employers provide positive reference to prospective new employers. Other circumstances may not be so favorable, especially if a former worker is suspected of unfair competition.

Woman requests jury trial to resolve contract dispute

For most people in Louisiana (and throughout the nation) borrowing money is a rather serious matter. There are obviously various means for securing loans when needed, from asking a friend or loved one for money to signing an agreement with a lending company. The latter typically includes specific terms that hold all parties obligated in some way. A contract dispute in another state has arisen because a woman who borrowed money claims she has become the victim of predatory lending practices by the lender.

Taxi company accuses Uber of unfair competition in California

Many people in Louisiana use taxi cab services to reach their destinations when traveling by automobile. Some do so to avoid drinking and driving. Others, for whatever reason, may not have drivers' licenses of their own. A company on the West Coast has lodged a complaint against Uber, stating it is engaging in unfair competition.

Breach of contract situation brewing in another state

Louisiana business people often enter formal agreements as part of their transactions. In fact, in most business arrangements, contracts are integral components that are easily customizable and useful to protect the interests of those involved in a particular service, employment or purchase transaction. If one party accuses another party of a breach of contract, however, what was once an amicable business connection may become contentious.

Facebook involved in deceptive trade practices court case

Some time back in 2014, Facebook purchased the Oculus company best known for,"Rift," a virtual reality headset device with which many Louisiana residents might be familiar. A problem arose regarding the product that included allegations against Oculus (and therefore, also against Facebook) regarding deceptive trade practices. Another company, ZeniMax, was the one making the accusations, saying Oculus founder, Palmer Luckey, stole technology codes and other information after leaving ZeniMax to work for Oculus.

Resolving unfair competition problems in Louisiana

There are laws in Louisiana and all other states that protect business owners and consumers from unfair practices. That said, unfair competition problems are not uncommon and, if left unresolved, often lead to personal financial loss and/or overall decline in profitability. Many people are unsure regarding their rights and wonder where to turn for support to seek justice in such matters.

Business litigation has stalled major construction project

In Louisiana or any other state, when a dispute arises between existing business owners and those planning major construction projects in the area, scheduled work can suffer significant delays. Business litigation in another state has been raging for two years. People are starting to complain, as the construction project in question had already begun when the dispute arose; thus, since production was halted while solutions are pending, the site itself has become a huge eyesore in the community. 

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